Creating beaded bookmarks is what hooked me on making beaded jewelry. I wanted something that was personal to me to hold my place in the current book that I was reading. These beaded bookmarks are the perfect yet fun way to mark the page you are currently reading in your favorite book. Beaded bookmarks have so much potential in their themes that fit your hobbies, favorite books, animals, etc. They can even be used to hang from your rear-view mirror or as a decorative bow on a gift for that avid book reader you know.

The first 4 bookmarks were made for clients on eBay for their Harry Potter books or for fans of the books. Each one is done in the house colors with charms on either end signifying the house mascot and a wizarding themed charm.

Gryffindor Beaded Bookmark Hufflepuff Beaded Bookmark

Ranvenclaw Beaded Bookmark Slytherin Beaded Bookmark

Pink and Black Tink Beaded Bookmark

Here is a cute Tinkerbell (Tink) beaded bookmark using black glass and pink crackle beads, silver bead caps, and very cute pink Tink charms.

Blue Tink Beaded Bookmark

This is a blue version of the Tink beaded bookmark.

Green Golf Beaded Bookmark

For the golf enthusiast in your life or if you love golf. Green round glass beads with the cutest golf charms make up this unique creation.

Red and Silver Rose Beaded Bookmark

I love this pretty rose themed bookmark. Deep reds and silvers went into creating this one. The rose charms are different but compliment each other.

Pink Fish Beaded Bookmark

Want something with a beach theme? How cute! Pretty pink crackle beads and pink with silver filigree beads are used in this creation along with an adorable pink enamal fish and starfish charms.

Bookmarks start at $25 except for the HP Hufflepuff themed bookmarks, which are more due to the price of the Sterling Silver Badger charms. The length runs approximately 11 inches for the small seed bead section, which fits nicely into standard sized hard back books. With charms the overall length can run from 14 inches to 17 inches or longer depending on how long the charms are. These bookmarks can be used in standard sized paperback books as well but will hang out of the book more. If you want the bookmarks to fit only paperbacks, please indicate that in your order.